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This past fall Minsky’s Pizza asked fans if they wanted to win a pizza delivery from Pizza Czar and professional soccer star, Graham Zusi. The people responded with over 1,000 contest entries. We’re glad to announce the winner of the contest was Patrick Hasenjager – a Minsky’s customer from the Northland – and huge soccer fan.

Minsky's Barry Road West

Patrick Hasenjager and Czar Zusi

Patrick wanted to invite a few friends to enjoy the fun so we accommodated with an all expenses paid Pizza Night at Minsky’s Barry Road West location.

Appetizers, Burlesque Lager and of course, plenty of Minsky’s Pizza were plentiful and Minsky’s Pizza Czar, Graham Zusi, joined the group for a few hours of food and fun. Who knows, they may even make it into an upcoming Minsky’s TV commercial with the Czar.




Patrick and friends at Pizza Night with the Czar

Patrick and friends at Pizza Night with the Czar

Said Patrick, “I’m a huge Sporting fan and I love Minsky’s Pizza – so it was an incredibly fun time.” Graham had a great time too, “Patrick and his friends were a blast. It was cool just to have some pizza and hang out with them for a while.”

Congrats, Patrick, glad you entered – and thanks for being a great fan and customer!