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Minsky’s Mgr. Josh Flowers, Scholarship Winner Connor Christians, Pizza Czar/Soccer Star Graham Zusi

Congratulations, Connor Christians on winning the Minsky’s College Soccer Scholarship! Minsky’s teamed up with Pizza Czar and pro soccer star Graham Zusi and launched the KC Youth Soccer Scholarship Fund this past fall. After all the entries were in and tabulated Minsky’s worked with the Kansas and Missouri High School Soccer Coaches Association to pick a winner.

With an exceptional 3.9 GPA and a passion for soccer, we’re proud to award $2,000 to go toward Connor’s future college career. Connor attends Kansas City Christian High School where he is senior class president and captain of the high school soccer team.

After falling in love with soccer at the age of four, Connor has since played a leading role on his high school team with 12 goals and 6 assists in 14 games.  Connor has also introduced a new tradition within his team called the “Senior Soccer Awards,” where the seniors award an underclassman who has displayed good character and hard work ethic with a gift card once a week.

Barry Road West Minsky’s Pizza Manager Josh Flowers and Pizza Czar and Pro Soccer Star Graham Zusi awarded Connor the official scholarship certificate. Afterwards Graham and Connor were able to hang out and get to know each other a little – and enjoy some Minsky’s pizza.

Misnky's Pizza Barry Road West

Connor and the Czar


“Graham was a really down to earth guy and it was awesome to get to talk to him about soccer. I had a very enjoyable experience, and am definitely a huge fan of Zusi and Minsky’s Pizza,” said Christians. He continued, “One day I’d like to be a pro soccer player – and be able to award a scholarship to a student myself.”

Said Czar Zusi about the experience, “Connor’s a sharp person – he really has a lot going for him. I was grateful to get scholarship help in attending the University of Maryland, so it was pretty cool to be able to help Connor with this scholarship.”

Connor Christians and Family

Connor Christians and family and Graham Zusi



Hey, Connor – Minsky’s Pizza and Graham Zusi are definitely glad to help with funding toward your college education. We wish you continued success as you pursue your passion for soccer and in your college studies!