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Minsky’s is excited to announce their newest crust option – “low-carb legit” Keto pizza crust from local KC company, Fattyhead®!

Minsky’s is now offering a new Keto 10″ pizza crust option in partnership with the local KC company, Fattyhead®.

Made with the world’s favorite 100% clean Keto dough recipe, Fattyhead® Keto Pizza Crust is an excellent low-carb option that brings the same great crunch and mouth-feel others have missed when introducing keto crust alternatives. Almond flour, eggs, a blend of cheeses, and herbs come together to make this fantastic crust low-carb, full of healthy fats, as well as an excellent source of protein, so the Keto-conscious customer can enjoy their favorite Minsky’s Gourmet Pizzas without sacrificing dietary needs.

By utilizing almond flour instead of other starch substitutes like potato, rice, cassava, or tapioca, Fattyhead® Keto Pizza Crust remains low-carb, with only 3 net carbs per 3 oz. serving. In addition, there are 27 grams of protein in a 10 oz. crust, which is also gluten-free!

Let’s recap:

  • Low-carb game changer – 3 net carbs per 3 oz. serving
  • Made with almond flour, cheese and eggs
  • 27 grams of protein in a 10″ crust
  • No Cauliflower, No Gluten, No Fillers

Minsky’s Gourmet Prime Cut on Keto Crust

This new keto crust is now available in a 10” size for all Gourmet or Build-Your-Own pizzas! Try it with our crowd-favorite, Prime Cut – pepperoni, hamburger, American and Italian sausage, topped with 100% Wisconsin mozzarella and crisp bacon strips. Or, create your own from Minsky’s long list of freshly prepared ingredients!

With the new Fattyhead® Keto Pizza Crust at Minsky’s, you can once again enjoy your favorite Gourmet pizzas without having to compromise! Gourmet Pizzas ordered with Fattyhead® Keto Pizza Crusts are available for Dine-In, Curbside, Carry Out, Delivery, and Online Ordering at all 18 Kansas City Metro and Lawrence locations.

Stop by and give Minsky’s new “low-carb legit” keto crust a try today!