Essential Businesses, Get Minsky’s and Social Distance – Delivered!

If you’re an essential business in need of safe, personal lunch options, Minsky’s offers personal Mini pizzas – both gourmet and build-your-own – in individual boxes. And, best of all, Minsky’s delivers! Now you can enjoy the pizza you love (with your own favorite ingredients) even if you can’t share a large with your usual crew.

With Minsky’s Minis, it’s easier than ever to enjoy Minsky’s your way, while also keeping in mind the social distancing of our new temporary norm. And, with convenient Group Ordering through our Online Ordering website, an individual can start a group order, and a group of employees can place their individual orders from their own phones or computers one-by-one, safely maintaining a distance. When all orders are complete, Minsky’s online ordering system alerts the order originator by email to complete the order and add payment.

Minsky's PizzaStep 1: Click on “Order Now” at to start an online order. If you do not know your closest Minsky’s location, complete the search fields, and locate your nearest location. If you already know your Minsky’s location, scroll down and click on your favorite Minsky’s, then click on the Order Online button.  Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and at the bottom right of the page, you will find the blue “:Start a Group Order” button.

Step 2: Once you click on the Start a Group Order Button, you’ll see the “Start a Group Order” on the online ordering page of the Minsky’s location you selected. Enter your own information and the time you’d like everyone to submit their orders by.

Step 3: Add your invitees using their first name, a comma and their email address. This will send each person an email invite to add to the order. Minsky's Pizza

Step 4: We’ll send you an email notifying you when at least one or more invitee has placed an order, then you can select your own order! Add a single debit or credit card payment method. (Don’t worry, if you want to divide up the ticket later, your receipt breaks down each person’s order amount!) You will receive emails with detailed instructions on how to complete and submit your order, as well as an email each time one of your invitees has submitted their order. You will also be given an estimated delivery time.

Ready to give Minsky’s online group ordering a try? Whether it be Minis for the multitudes, or any of Minsky’s other delicious menu items, Minsky’s is ready to create your own Group Order! Click here to start your order now!