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This past Veteran’s Day, Minsky’s donated 50% of proceeds of Angus Burger sales to the E3 Ranch Foundation in support of veterans and active duty members!

Minsky’s donates to the E3 Ranch Foundation in support of veterans.

Minsky’s has proudly been using premium, all-natural beef from the E3 Ranch & Co. to craft delicious Angus Burgers for a few years now. In addition to providing delicious beef, E3 Ranch created The E3 Ranch Foundation to serve and provide assistance for veterans, as well as global humanitarian crisis victims and human trafficking victims. The Foundation was created by Adam and Jennifer LaRoche in 2017.

To join in the cause and demonstrate real support for veterans, for the last two years on November 11, Veteran’s Day, Minsky’s has donated 50% of the proceeds from the sale of all Angus Burgers from the 17 metro area Minsky’s Pizza locations to the E3 Ranch Foundation!

In addition to contributing to veterans’ causes, the E3 Ranch Foundation wanted to give veterans and active duty members a place where they could decompress, relax, and enjoy one another’s company. With that goal in mind, the foundation hosts 5 events a year where veterans are invited to spend a week relaxing at the ranch. Throughout the week, veterans enjoy the great outdoors at this beautiful location, and along with multiple activities, including fishing and hunting trips. The foundation covers all expenses including travel, food and lodging and even hunting gear.

The E3 Ranch Foundation plans to increase the number of veteran events in the coming year. And, in addition to hosting veterans at the ranch, the foundation also provides support for veterans in need, whether it be support after the loss of a loved one or financial support to get back on their feet.

Providing this space and time at the ranch allows veterans and active duty members to build a network they can lean on.

Brent Toney, Executive Director of the E3 Ranch Foundation, says:

“The E3 Ranch Foundation is here to humbly serve those who have served. We take pride in being able to serve those who have sacrificed for our nation and providing them just a small moment of respite at the ranch to enjoy the outdoors and enjoy being around their fellow veterans.

It’s an absolute pleasure to do this work. Our veteran’s events are definitely one of the highlights of the foundation. The E3 Ranch Foundation truly appreciates this donation from Minsky’s!”


All of Minsky’s Angus burgers are made with grass-fed, grain-finished, antibiotic-free, steroid-free, and hormone-free beef from the E3 Ranch in Fort Scott, KS. Try it today at your nearest Minsky’s location or Order Online!