Tired of having to choose between delicious pizza and necessary nutrition? Minsky’s has created a life-changing answer so that you can get the best of both!

Our delicious Spiced Sweet Potato Crust cooks, cuts and crunches like a traditional pizza – without the guilt.

We launched our cauliflower crust in 2018 and now we’ve concocted yet another exciting healthful option that doesn’t compromise your dietary restrictions or your conscience!

Sweet potatoes are well known to be highly nutritious; they are rich in antioxidants and loaded with important vitamins like A, E, and C. These vitamins give the sweet potato powerful anti-inflammatory properties. In addition to supplying essential minerals like magnesium, sweet potatoes are full of fiber and packed with potassium! This means that sweet potatoes are good for your heart, your brain function, and your immune system. They can also help regulate diabetes! Who knew?! Now you can benefit from all these healthy and healing properties on a small gourmet pizza at Minsky’s for only two extra dollars!!

Whether you abide by Gluten-Free or Paleo dietary restrictions, or you’re simply in search of a healthier way to eat your favorite food, our low-calorie Spiced Sweet Potato Crust is simply the perfect choice for you!

Enjoy your next slice of your favorite pizza on our nutritious AND delicious Spiced Sweet Potato Crust!  Substitute Minsky’s Sweet Potato Crust on any small gourmet pizza starting now at all Minsky’s locations. Available in our small 10” size only. Click here to order now!