Take a Break and Enjoy Take & Bake Pizzas from Minsky’s!

“What’s for dinner?” can be a tough question ­– especially when a run to the store is harder than ever. You’re exhausted, stress levels are at an all-time high and pulling together a meal for the family seems like a major challenge.

The good news is, Minsky’s has the perfect solution. Why not pick up a Take & Bake pizza or two from Minsky’s? They’re already assembled and can sit in the fridge until you need them most. Just call and we’ll custom build one of our famous gourmet pizzas just the way you like it – or, why not make it two, three or four! Pull up curbside to pick up your order and we’ll send you on your way with your favorite Minsky’s pizzas along with instructions for both storing (in your refrigerator or freezer) and then cooking your delicious masterpiece to bubbling perfection – in your own oven!

Minsky’s Take & Bakes pizzas are available in large sizes only (plenty to satisfy even the most famished of families), and you can choose from any of Minsky’s Gourmet classics – such as the Prime Cut, Papa Minsky’s, Nature’s Choice and plenty more – or, we’ll even build ‘em to your own custom specifications!

Minsky’s Take & Bake pizzas are made with the same generous portions of lean meats, fresh vegetables, dozens of fresh toppings and of course our handmade and delicious (and never frozen) sea salt and olive oil crusts that have made Minsky’s Kansas City’s favorite pizza for over 40 years!

So why not call your neighborhood Minsky’s today and carry out one, two – heck, why not three or four? – great tasting, already made and ready to cook Minsky’s Pizzas. Make the dinner table a no-stress zone with a delicious meal that’s as close as your refrigerator – and as easy to make as heating up the oven. With Take and Bake pizzas from Minsky’s you’ll have mealtime covered!

 Available for Curbside to Go in large sizes only. Call in advance to order. Available at all Minsky’s locations.