From time to time the question comes up as to whether our pizza boxes are recyclable. Although opinions have varied it has now been confirmed once and for all – the answer is yes!

Recently, the American Forest and Paper Association (AF&PA) commissioned a study by WestRock (an AF&PA and Fibre Box Association member company) and found that pizza boxes are indeed recyclable!

The issue with pizza boxes in general is food particles stick to the corrugate. AF&PA support WestRock’s methodology behind testing the effects of dough and cheese on pizza boxes. WestRock concluded that “there is no significant reason to prohibit post-consumer pizza boxes from the recycling stream.” So, it’s safe to say that consumers should not be concerned with recycling pizza boxes.

From a recycling perspective, pizza boxes are simply used corrugated containers. Recycled pizza boxes become raw material for new box manufacturing, which helps all corrugated supply chains and a wide variety of industries that use corrugate. And, not only is recycling pizza boxes good for the environment, it’s also an easy process.

So, the next time you’re enjoying that last slice of Minsky’s pizza and the question comes to mind, “Can I recycle my Minsky’s pizza box?” the answer is a definitive yes! Enjoy Minsky’s Pizza, and when you’re done, feel free to place the empty pizza box in your recycle bin!